The passion for metal music breaks all boundaries - the German HOWL LIKE WOLVES will prove that this devotion lives forever. Formed in early 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic, the band decided to use this downward spiral of our society to realize their own vision of modern metal. 
The result is a massive sound consisting a mixture of metalcore and aggressive post-hardcore, which reminds of bands like ARCHITECTS, SPIRITBOX & ANNISOKAY. 
In spring 2022 the band released their first EP called 'CROWN' with songs like 'SAVE ME' & 'ENEMY' which immediately established them in the metalcore scene. This was followed by the band's very first concert in the Salzburgarena in September 2022.
In spring 2023, the second EP with the name 'LOST IN A CITY' was released, eagerly awaited by the fans and containing songs like 'PRISONER' & 'BURN ME DOWN'. Another highlight of the EP was the featuring with their friends of OUR PROMISE on the song 'WATCH THE WORLD COLLAPSE'. 
In summer 2023, the band also cracked the 1.5 million streams across all platforms. 
Another highlight in this year was the concert at Lakerock Festival together with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE & INFECTED RAIN.
For 2024 the band is planning two brand new singles and will be performing at many festivals with bands like PARKWAY DRIVE, KREATOR, IMMINENCE, PALEFACE, GHOSTKID and many more!